My detox experience

If you follow my Facebook page Happy Fit you know I just finished a 6 day detox (with the support & companionship of my wonderful boyfriend).  The parameters I set for myself were that the first day would be only raw vegan foods, no caffeine & no added fats.  The 4 days after were fruit & vegetable smoothies with turmeric & cayenne only and TONS of water (smoothie recipes are on the Facebook page).  And then the last day was adding back in raw vegan foods & allowing some natural oils/fats (cashews, coconut oil) & sugars (pitted dates).  The raw meals we made were a Spring roll salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce & a Raw Ravioli with Cashew Cheese & a raw carrot cake for dessert (I love dessert & trust me this one wins being healthy & tasty).  I will try to get those raw food recipes up soon.

This was an incredible experience for me & Im so glad I did it.  The biggest take away I got from this would be that a support system is EVERYTHING.  If you decide to do this or anything similar I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a person or group of people, whether they be a friend, family member, or online group, to be there through this process.  Ive always been a self motivator & never realized the extra edge having someone there to talk to really helps.  Physically I felt incredible but mentally there were moments when the craving were quite intense & having someone to talk to & be accountable to was a game changer.

Every day was a little different of an experience & I’d like to go through each day to kind of give some idea of what to expect, though I really think it will vary from person to person.  My boyfriend, Mike, and I did this detox together and I will try to give a good explanation of both perspectives.

DAY 1 (Thursday):  Neither of us felt any differences in the morning & early afternoon hours.  We shopped that day for all our goodies & then at about 3pm it hit me like brick wall.  I felt deliriously tired all of a sudden.  I managed to stay awake while we prepped smoothies for the next day because we’d be too busy to do it throughout the following day.  Mike felt fine just a little hungry but I passed out around 7pm.  I would occasionally wake up & realized I had a mild headache & I felt stiff & achey, especially in my joints.

DAY 2 (Friday):  I woke up feeling refreshed, no headache, no stiffness/aches.  Mike was feeling a little sleepy and developed the tiredness, headache, & body aches throughout the day.  I felt like about every 10 minutes I would alternate from feeling like I could run a marathon to feeling like I was low energy and wanted to go on a rampage for Starbucks coffee & french fries (and many other foods but those stick out in my mind).  The cravings were fleeting but intense and definitely for the “junk” foods.

DAY 3 (Saturday): We both felt incredible this day, extremely light & energetic.  We both felt like we had so much energy that it made us extra productive.  And we both really did manage to accomplish more that day.  The mental brain fog was also completely gone.  You don’t really realize that you even feel any kind of brain fog until its gone.  I noticed this the MOST from removing dairy from my diet but definitely felt an extra level of clarity from this detox.

DAY 4 (Sunday):  The high energy continued for both of us.  Mike didn’t have too many issues with hunger but I noticed that I felt more hungry this day.  I found all of the days of this detox that I would be really hungry if I wasn’t frequently sipping on my smoothie (that I had watered down to a ‘high pulp orange juice’ consistency) but especially noticed it today.  So if you do this detox I recommend having a nice big bottle of juice/smoothie to take with you everywhere.  The most interesting thing about day 3-6 was that my energy felt incredible & stable.  There were no highs & lows, I NEVER felt those blood sugar drops but if I didn’t have liquid in my stomach it would just angrily growl until I drank something.  Mike said his cravings for things like pizza never changed but for me I started really craving my healthy vegan foods.

DAY 5 (Monday):  Today went just like Day 4 for both of us but we were meal prepping the raw food recipes for day 6 because we again wouldn’t have time to do so that day.  Meal prepping was kind of torturous.  I very very much wanted to stuff my face with all of the delicious food we were making.  It was all healthy and I could have just eaten it but I really wanted to stick with pure fruit & veggie smoothies until the last day like I had planned.

DAY 6 (Tuesday):  The last day of the detox! Finally reintroducing raw foods.  I had a smoothie for breakfast & did a nice light workout. Again my energy through this whole thing stayed incredibly high.  I felt great after my workout & most definitely enjoyed my very delicious raw meals for lunch and dinner!  I can’t wait to share the recipes!  I’ll try to have those up soon.  I did end up still sipping on another juice throughout the day.  Funny enough I was craving it & found that it made a nice ‘snack’.

What did I take away from this detox?  I was very surprised with how I actually felt versus how I thought I would feel.  I really thought I would detox harder & for longer.  I never expected to have energy throughout & soon found sitting around to be awful.  I kind of thought the cravings would subside after a few days but they NEVER did.  I started craving healthy foods but the intensity of craving something never changed. For Mike he said he just still craved pizza the whole time haha.  So I guess that experience is different for everyone.

We both agree that in the future we would probably only do about a 3 day detox. By day 3 we felt refreshed & that the detox had done its job.  I feel that we both eat a primarily super healthy diet & I think thats why we both did not experience extreme detox symptoms & they did not last more than 12 hours.  If you have a poor diet I would guess the symptoms & length would be a bit worse.  I can not handle feeling terrible & honestly would not have been able to finish this detox if I had.  Some people can suffer through it & would rather just jump all in but if you’re like me I would really suggest taking maybe a week before hand to slowly start reducing, or even better cutting out, the amount of toxins you’re putting in your body.  Reduce caffeine, refined sugars, processed products (chemically modified foods), dairy (antibiotics & hormones), meat (antibiotics, hormones, possible contaminations from living conditions). And then try a juice/smoothie detox.  I hope you’ve found some useful information out of this.  And will be sharing more adventures soon!




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